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What is DApp?
DApp (Engl.) Decentralized Application. As an ordinary application, Dapp consists of the user interface (frontend) and the server part (backend), but is different from it as it includes a smart contract. The smart contract is also a part of the backend, only it is created especially for the block-chain. In essence, the smart contract is a contract between the developers and the users that provides for full transparency of application performance. Decentralized applications include games, social networks, postal services and all other things that we are so used to in the world of the Internet. The only difference is that their operation is fully transparent.
What is a Smart Contract?
In concept, this is a contract, a computer algorithm having conditions preset and open for any participant, and when these conditions are fulfilled, the parties will be able to exchange money, assets, or new processes will be launched free from participation of third parties (agents).
What is Casper API?
Casper API is the infrastructural element that allows any DApp to set up a decentralized cloud storage of service data using any block-chain with a smart contract.
How does this work?
The decentralized application requests from smart-contract a free space to place content, smart-contract sends an address of the server where data may be uploaded. The Casper API system, during the upload, copies the file to 3 more servers, in summary, we have 4 copies of the file. Further, this number of replicas is maintained. When one server is no longer available in the network, it will be replaced by a new one, which downloads a copy from the 3 remaining servers. Depending on the content, the application developers may encrypt or not encrypt the data. Casper API stores 4 copies of files encrypted or open for review.
Who are providers?
The providers are individuals or legal entities that offer a certain volume of storage space on their computers/servers using Casper API and receiving remuneration for these services using Casper tokens (CSTs).
How is it different from the competition?
No one on the market has already made or even declared the creation of storage infrastructure for decentralized applications. We are creating a decentralized storage under smart contract management. DApp will be able to interact with the storage by referring to the smart contract. This eliminates the risks of architecture limitations in other systems. We are ready to work with every platform that uses a smart contract. As of today, these platforms include Ethereum, Graphen and Neo. As new block-chains appear, we will be able to start working with them immediately.
When did the PRE-ICO take place?
The PRE-ICO started on December 19, at 2 pm MSK. It was completed in one hour and raised 1239 ETH, which at the time amounted to slightly over $1,000,000.
When will ICO take place?
We will be able to provide more accurate information on the terms of ICO a bit later; as of today, plans are to hold it on 30 May 2018.
How can I become a provider in your system?
Our system has several requirements for those who wish to become our providers. First, you will need high-speed Internet access, free disk space and Casper tokens (to provide 25,6 GB you will need 1 CST). Secondly, our system regularly checks on providers, so you must be online 95% of the time.
What is the payback period for the provider?
You can use the convenient calculator on our website to calculate the approximate pay-off period depending on your country of residence, and the prices for electricity, the Internet connection and the equipment.
Where can I find more information about you?
We are available in: Telegram, Medium, Twitter, GitHub, Bitcointalk, Facebook, Steemit, Reddit. Also, on YouTube we maintain a blog about new generation of blockchain, business and bitcoin - Generation B.
Who will be the clients of the Casper API?
Dapp developers will be the first clients of the Casper API platform.
What is an ICO?
The ICO or Initial Coin Offering is when some project issues coupons, or tokens intended to pay for services the site renders in the future.
Is there a limit to the size of the file stored in the system?
No. No limits to the file size.
Which blockchain is used?
The initial version of Casper API will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. The API can function with any blockchain platform with a smart contract.
What technologies guarantee fast transmission of files from/to the provider?
Casper technology is based on the well-known P2P (peer-to-peer) principle, which considerably increases the speed of receiving and transmitting the files.
What is P2P?
A peer-to-peer network is a type of decentralized network architecture where the process of data transfer is based on the idea of equality of all its participants.
Where can I find and review your smart contract?
As of today, the contract that we created for PRE-ICO is in open access. To study this contract, please follow this link: https://github.com/Casper-dev/pre_ico
What is DHT?
DHT (Engl. Distributed hash table) is a protocol that allows BitTorrent clients to find each other without a tracker.
What kind of encryption is used?
This encryption technique is called AES256 in GCM. But you can use your cipher additionally.
If there is a virus in the downloaded file, can it "infect" my computer, in case I'm your provider
Such a possibility is the minimum, since we utilize Go coding language.
What is a Casper token (CST)?
The digital token, which is used for system operation and payment for storage service in Casper API.
How many CSTs will be issued?
A total of 440,000,000 CSTs will be issued. After the ICO, there will be no additional issues of CSTs.
How will they be distributed?
Pre-ICO - 13 000 000 CST;
ICO (pre-sale) - 238 333 333 CST;
ICO (crowd-sale) - 19 750 000 CST;
System fund - 35 500 000 CST;
Major investors’ bonuses - 47 666 667 CST;
Team - 66 000 000 CST;
Advisors - 7 000 000 CST;
Bounty - 8 800 000 CST;
Refferal program - 3 950 000 CST
What is the Casper Fund?
These are the tokens that will assist in regulating the Casper infrastructure, and carrying out market-making activities.
What factors will affect the price of CSTs?
Various factors will affect the price of the token, including speculative demand by the investors, the growing number of Dapps system users, increased revenues of providers, token lease programs, etc.
What is token lease?
CST lease is an important financial instrument for the Casper economic model. Free circulation of CSTs on the exchange can lead to a rapid increase in token price, which will impair acquisition of tokens, and therefore limit development of the service. Token lease opportunities will help retain the financial attractiveness for purchasing tokens even at high market prices. The owner of tokens will lease them out and thus expedite the investment pay-off period. The token owner receives a portion of the income from the token that the lessee saved in order to become a provider.
When does PRE-ICO start?
PRE-ICO will start on December 19, at 2 pm MSK.
What sum is expected to be raised?
What is CSPT?
On December 19, 2017, during the preICO event, we issued CSPT tokens using an individual smart-contract, not under the ERC20 standard. The day the ICO is started, these tokens may be converted to CST tokens of the working smart-contract implemented under the ERC20 standard. CST tokens will be frozen for one year after being exchanged. Once this period is over, they may trade on the exchange.
How many CSPTs will be sold at the PRE-ICO stage?
1,300,000 CSPTs
How long was the PRE-ICO period?
We succeeded in raising the declared sum of $1,040,000 in just one hour, from 2 to 3 pm MSK on December 19, 2017.
What was the currency in which the money was collected?
It was ETH, with the exchange rate of $0.08 per token.
When does ICO start?
We are planning to launch the ICO at the end of May, approximately on the 30th.
What is the project Soft Cap?
The Soft Cap of our project is $6,700,000.
What is the project Hard Cap?
The Hard Cap of our project is $32,800,000.
What will happen if the Soft Cap is not reached?
The smart contract will automatically return the ETH to the wallets of the users who had initially transferred the payment.
What will be the price per token?
The price for the ICO token (pre-sale) 0.12$ / (crowd-sale) $0.16. Major investors will enjoy bonuses.
When will Casper tokens appear on major cryptocurrency exchanges?
Tokens, issued at the ICO stage will follow the ERC20 standard, and, therefore, may be added on the exchange. We will begin negotiating with representatives of leading exchanges after the pre-ICO and after we receive a legal opinion on the token.
What will be the currency of these funds?
The funds will be collected in ETH (although we will be working on expanding the list of currencies; news will be announced on our social networks). Since the token price has been tied to the dollar, a script will be launched every hour to update the current exchange rate of the ETH.
Casper API Provider Client v0.0.2
We have prepared for you a new version of the client (v0.0.2) for Debian, Windows and Ubuntu operating systems. You can download them from our website
Can I connect via wifi?
Yes. In a new version we have added a NAT bypass that will allow providers to connect through the router.
How can I check if everything is working?
1) Launch the Casper-SC application

2) when the program window opens, press 1 and enter; a list of nodes connected to the smart contract will be displayed

3) if you are connected but do not see yourself in the list of connected nodes, press 2 to display the list of blocked nodes
What do I have to do to upgrade from old version?
If you have already been connected to us, you will need to remove the old version configs:
  • if you are using Windows - delete the .casper folder from C:/Users/<Your user>/ (you can also go there by typing %USERNAME% in the path line)

  • if you are using Ubuntu or Debian - delete the .casper folder from ~/ (if you startup through sudo it's in the folder /root/)